Thomson “Not For Me” campaign with Exposure Digital.  I was sent on a Caribbean cruise with the aim of showing a different perspective on the locations visited. Along with sharing 10 images for the brand to use for their social channels the social amplification included 6 Instagram photos and 6 tweets.  Images for the campaign were shared in almost real time and then placed on a bespoke micro-site hosted by Thomson.
 Project concept and creation for Nikon UK put together with Brands2Life advertising agency.  In short I would take a Nikon D6500 camera with me on my travels to Myanmar and I would use the camera to take photos with the ultimate aim of showing off four key traits of the camera:  * Low light capabilities * SnapBridge app feature * Tilt screen functionality * High resolution
Starbucks UK Instagram Campaign
Visit Jordan National Tourism Board
UGGS for men Instagram Campaign
 "This is Emma, one of my dearest friends, and her two children. Emma is one of the people I admire most in the world, ever. She works incredibly hairdos a full time teacher whilst at the same time raising two of the happiest children I know. She's always on her feet, never stopping for one moment. Her kids have so much energy too and she manages to keep up the pace!"   Weetabix   (@weetabixofficial)  reached out to me and challenged me to make a post depicting an "Everyday Incredible" portrait and announce a competition they were running.
 To create impactful content and promote HSBC Android Pay I was task with, In my own creative style, producing photos that would show how I would use Android Pay with my phone on a daily basis showing how quick and easy it is to use HSBC Android Pay and how it makes your day "unstoppable".