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 "This is Emma, one of my dearest friends, and her two children. Emma is one of the people I admire most in the world, ever. She works incredibly hairdos a full time teacher whilst at the same time raising two of the happiest children I know. She's always on her feet, never stopping for one moment. Her kids have so much energy too and she manages to keep up the pace!"   Weetabix   (@weetabixofficial)  reached out to me and challenged me to make a post depicting an "Everyday Incredible" portrait and announce a competition they were running.
 To create impactful content and promote HSBC Android Pay I was task with, In my own creative style, producing photos that would show how I would use Android Pay with my phone on a daily basis showing how quick and easy it is to use HSBC Android Pay and how it makes your day "unstoppable".